Welcome to our website, where you can find out all about the financial conduct. Our main goal is protecting our clients, enhancing the market integrity and promoting a healthy competition in the interest of the consumers and their many benefits.



If you need our firm to regulate any matters for you, we offer to lend you our skills in the area of authorization, competition law, principles of good regulation, handbook and guidance and supervision. Also, we deal with referral criteria and settlement and mediation in enforcement cases of any kind.



One of our services is enhancing marker integrity. When we say this, what we mean is that we provide support to empower a successful and foremost, a healthy financial system.


To ensure the consumers’ and our clients’ prosper, we need to protect them from the various harms caused by bad financial conduct in the financial industry. Our protection means well-being.


Our enforcement division provides a good support to our objectives. Enforcement of rules on those who do not follow regulations is a necessary move to ensure that everything’s in order.

Why are we the best

When it comes to our strategic objective, it is clear that we want to ensure the functioning of the relevant markets and protection of our consumers as well as the effective promotion of competition in the best interest of those consumers and our esteemed clients.


Our blog is an independent body that deals with the diverse servicing of our clients and consumers with find solutions to their various problems. We use a proportionate approach to regulation in order to prioritize the risks to our objectives.