The financial revolution through automation

In a modern economy market, banks have found numerous ways how to offer their customers better opportunities when it comes to savings and investments. Savings concepts have changed rapidly in the last few years and that happened because of their need to attract more consumers and potential clients who could become investors.

Short or long term savings products with variable or fixed interest rates, products related to credit cards usage, savings with notice periods, fund based savings, bonus schemes, tiered rates and money market rates, all of these exist because of the customers and their needs.

Different customer segments demand different needs, rules and products and the banks are ready to respond accordingly. There is one thing that all these savings products have in common and that is they all can contribute positively to meeting the new liquidity requirements that new markets dictate and impose today.

Everything is an automated process nowadays and so are these savings concepts. In fact, these concepts were actually built on those automated processes along with a new policy called the life cycle management. These services have become an integrated part of banks’ business systems.

In case that your interest lies in fund based savings solutions, you will be able to enjoy as a consumer an online interface with direct debits from your accounts, balance checks, cost efficient payment solutions and fund managers. All of these would not be possible if it was not for the automation process.


The minimal use of manual procedures frees up time that bank employees could use in better ways like making sales or providing advice. Providing advice to new bank users who do not know the terms of banks’ business system could positively reflect on increasing the base of their potential new consumers.

High level of digitalization

digiFrom sales to product development, a high level of automation consequently implemented itself on the existing banking systems. Also, automation is now closely related to anti money laundering checks, tax reporting, customer notifications, reports, update processes, document management and MiFID tests.

But still, some processes like savings or investments still need the use of personnel to get the deal closed. Since there is a significant transformation undergoing in the financial industry right now, accelerating digitalization and regulatory requirements put some real pressure on banks. Whether you want to take a simple loan, put some money on your bank account or invest it, you cannot pass the digitalization process.

In any case, we can help you to make up your mind about any financial situation by delivering a strong business-critical solution to you or your company. Our innovations transformed and simplified the way people can now access any financial services.

We are very confident that we will find the answer to any financial question that you can put before us. Our modern technology allowed us to efficiently keep track of everything going on in the financial world so let us design a plan for your future.